Focused on Gold in Peru

Research and Media Coverage

CROPS' management is working towards securing coverage from institutional equity analysts, the industry press and newsletter writers. CROPS will not provide analyst coverage reports nor will we endorse or approve any opinions, estimates or forecasts made by the analysts who cover the Company. However, we will provide contact details for the analyst and/or financial house and links to any press or newsletter websites. Please contact the analyst directly if you want to receive a copy of their report or discuss their views.

Institutional Coverage

March 24, 2014 Clarus Securities Inc
Contact Mike Bandrowski, MBA
(416) 343-3352
Focus Ventures: Phase I Drill Program - 100% Hit Rate at Bayovar12
Feb 28, 2014 Clarus Securities Inc
Contact Mike Bandrowski, MBA
(416) 343-3352
Investment research: An End to a Long Winter?
Exploration Names to Watch For at PDAC

Media / Newsletter Coverage

Exploration Insights March 29, 2015 Field Notes - Focus Ventures' Bayovar 12 phosphate deposit
HRA Journal Focus Ventures release resource estimate
Money Week August 20, 2014: Focus mentioned in Phosphate Article "This natural resource is key to life on earth - and it's under threat"
Der Goldt Report June 22, 2014: Warrants laufen nächste Woche ab, Ressourcenschätzung kommt, Aktie bleibt TOP!
The Northern Miner Focus aims for phosphate resource at Bayovar 12 in Q3
Der Goldt Report FOCUS VENTURES: Update zu Bohrungen und Warrants
Mining Markets June 16, 2014: Focus works towards Q3 resource at Bayovar 12
Mining Journal May 2, 2014: Focus sees room at the table April 4, 2014: Canadian junior focusing on Peruvian phosphate
IKN Blog Feb. 2, 2014: Focus mentioned in IKN's weekly newsletter
Exploration Insights Feb. 2, 2014: Focus mentioned in EA's newsletter