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Our Business is Phosphate

CROPS Inc. (TSXV-COPS) is a Canadian listed public company developing the Bayovar 12 sedimentary phosphate concession in Sechura, Northern Peru.

Bayovar / Sechura phosphate rock is well known to be one of the world's most reactive giving high total phosphorous yields. This can be used as direct application fertilizer in phosphorus deficient soil profiles and potentially for edible oil crops being produced in Tropical climates.

Management's vision has been to be the supplier of choice of Natural Phosphate Rock Fertilizer to plantations & farmers throughout the world and contributing to the improvement of farm yields and sustainable agriculture. Early in 2017 this vision was expanded to include traditional finished phosphoric fertilizer producers, Life Science Groups who have developed polymer soil enhancers and the industrial application industries using elemental phosphorus for a diverse suite of speciality chemical products.

By the 3rd quarter of 2016 CROPS had completed a robust Pre-feasibility study (PFS) which underpinned the business model to produce a 24% and 28% P2O5 rock concentrate. During 2017 CROPS ran a series of further metallurgical tests which confirmed the ability to produce a minimum 30% P2O5 rock concentrate. Management's vision today is to produce 28% and 30% P2O5 rock concentrate for supply to both agricultural and industrial sectors of the phosphate global economy.

Phosphate is one of the vital nutrients required in modern row crop and cash crop farming. The growing long term demand for phosphate fertilizers is driven by a combination of global population growth, increasing demand for dietary protein and a reduction in the area of arable land available for crop production. Elemental Phosphorus is an essential intermediate product which is made from Phosphate Rock, Coke and gravel to make specialty chemicals for engine lubricants, flame retardants, herbicide and food grade phosphoric acid among others.